IN WASHINGTON Leadership in International Trade and Policy

Building Bridges between USA and Mexico

Educational Exchange can turn nations into people contributing as no other form of communication can to the humanizing of International Relations - William Fulbright

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Day 1 - An inside look at diplomacy

Do a deep dive into international diplomacy.   Learn about the work of the Ambassador and Embassy from those responsible for the work on a day to day basis.  

Then meet with some of the experts tackling today’s global issues.  Learn how leaders rely on this independent research to make good decisions.

Day 2 - Leading in Risky Times

Visit one of the world’s leading universities in International Relations, International Development and Foreign Service.  Find out what it takes to enter this critical field.  

Then get a view of the implications of international tensions for business executives.  Hear directly from an American Airlines executive who was responsible for leading the organization through the trauma of 9/11.

Day 3 - International Banking and Policy

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund play key roles in solving global world challenges.

Understand how the banks allocate funds and  innovative knowledge and solutions to the global challenges.  Understand the policies and practices behind their work to create global financial stability, and resources and investments necessary to help lift people out of poverty.

Day 4 - International Negotiations Workshop

Participate in a workshop led by an international relations expert.  Someone who has worked at the UN, has worked on negotiating pieces of NATO and has worked in International Relations all over the world.

Learn what this important work is really like and how to handle yourself in complex and high profile negotiations.

Day 5 - Play Tourist

Washington is the capital of the USA and one of the most important world capitals. From museums to monuments to sports to shopping; Washington has it all. Spend a day exploring the museums and then catch the nightlife in the small and unexplored bars and restaurants all within walking distance or public transit of your hotel. 


  • A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining prior to date of expiry before departure date
  • A valid VISA if required  
  • Health insurance to cover out of country emergency medical expenses
  • An approved guardian (if you are a minor)
  • Signed Waivers (includes a general liability waiver, code of conduct, refund policy terms and contract) You will find the Terms and Conditions here


  • Airfare including 1 regular-sized luggage (CDMX<-->DUL)
  • Quad Accommodation at a 3-star hotel
  • Breakfast card 
  • Private Guide
  • Private Transportation to and from the airport
  • Local public transportation pass
  • 4 days of organizational visits (2 visits per day)
  • Welcome gift 
  • Goodbye Celebration
  • Certificate

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  • Get an inside look at trade and diplomacy through the eyes of both Mexico and USA
  • Explore the implications of Leading in Risky Times through the eyes of the diplomats and the business executive
  • Understand the International Banking and Policy and how it relates to international relations in a connected world
  • Get involved! Attend an International Negotiations Workshop and learn how to conduct yourself in a negotiating environment

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