IN TORONTO experience the reality of gaming

Gaming is changing recreation and some people are making a job out of having fun! Explore the world of gaming and understand what makes a hit game, how gaming is used to drive social change and what tranditional markets gaming is impacting in a big way.

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Day 1 - Visit the A-Listers

Meet some of the firms that stand head and shoulders above the rest! Understand what it is like to work for these giants and how they manage to dominate the gaming market year after year.

Day 2 - Indie Game Developers

Get under the covers of some of the smaller development firms. Learn why some A-Lister talent are starting their own shops and developing indie-games and why the opposite isn’t happening. Talk to the founders and understand how they are cracking the sustainable income challenge are they work to create their smash hits.

Day 3 - Games with a social purpose

Some developers feel that games are not just about speed and getting to the next level. They have created niches for themselves by using games to conquer real social problems. Talk to some of the founders to understand the motivations and challenges in this unique niche.

Day 4 - Trends in eSports

eSports is in its infancy but is projected to be as big as sports itself! Speak to some of the stakeholders in eSports to understand the challenges and the emerging opportunities in this important gaming arena.

Day 5 - Play Tourist

Niagara Falls is less than 2 hours away from Toronto and so you will be able to take in the sights of one of the wonders of the world and still have time to take in the world class city that is Toronto.



  • A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining prior to date of expiry before departure date
  • A valid VISA if required  (Mexican's require a valid ETR obtained for entry into Canada)
  • Health insurance to cover out of country emergency medical expenses
  • An approved guardian (if you are a minor)
  • Signed Waivers (includes a general liability waiver, code of conduct, refund policy terms and contract) You will find the Terms and Conditions here



  • Quad Accommodation at a 3-star hotel 
  • Breakfast card
  • Private Guide
  • Public transportation pass
  • 4 days of company visits (2 visits per day)
  • Welcome gift 
  • Goodbye Celebration
  • Certificate

Note: this experience does NOT include airfare. You will be advised by your distributor or campus ambassador on flights and itinerary.

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  • Visit the A-Listers in the gaming industry
  • Visit a few Indie Game Developers and understand their niche
  • Understand how games with a social purpose are changing the world
  • Explore the trends in eSports and how they are slowly changing the face of organized sports
  • Take a day and play tourist in a world class city only 2 hours away from Niagara Falls

Want to know more - Clicking the button below will take you to a form requesting more information


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