IN VANCOUVER women entrepreneurs rock!

Learn how to make your mark as a woman in corporations or as an entrepreneur. Imagine your future with those who have already succeeded.

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Day 1 - Women Executives

Start building a successful career now – not by following theoretical advice but by meeting and asking questions of tremendously successful women and then following their lead.

Today’s visits will focus on meeting with senior female business executives who will give you a window into what they did and how you can become successful.  

Day 2 - Explore one of Canada’s most successful Startup Communities

For anyone who is starting a business or even thinking of it, it is critical to understand the programs and resources that are available for entrepreneurs.  

Today is an opportunity to explore different incubators and accelerators and understand the role they play in supporting founders to launch and grow their companies.

Day 3 - Seeing someone achieve what you want helps you to realize you can accomplish your dreams

Many women in male dominated industries feel isolated.  Mentors are the secret weapon that many of these women rely on to succeed. Today is a window into the kinds of organizations that are there to help you find the support and mentorship you need.  Speak to mentors and mentees and delve into how to find, choose and work with mentors. Who knows, you may come away with a mentor from Canada.

Day 4 - The only thing worse than starting something and failing is not starting something… Seth Godin

Today is all about meeting female founders who have taken the leap, followed their passions and opened their own successful businesses. Get an inside peek into the kinds of challenges female entrepreneurs face and what they did to become successful.

Day 5 - Play Tourist

Play tourist in one of the most unique cities in the world. Mountains, ocean, urban or parks – your choice



  • A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining prior to date of expiry before departure date
  • A valid VISA if required  (Mexican's require a valid ETR obtained for entry into Canada)
  • Health insurance to cover out of country emergency medical expenses
  • An approved guardian (if you are a minor)
  • Signed Waivers (includes a general liability waiver, code of conduct, refund policy terms and contract) You will find the Terms and Conditions here



  • Quad Accommodation at a 3-star hotel 
  • Breakfast card
  • Private Guide
  • Local public transportation pass
  • 4 days of company visits (2 visits per day)
  • Welcome gift 
  • Goodbye Celebration
  • Certificate

Note: this experience does NOT include airfare. You will be advised by your distributor or Campus Ambassador on flight itinerary.

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  • Meet successful women executives
  • Explore one of Canada's most successful start-up cities
  • Start to realize your dreams by seeing someone has already been on the journey you are only dreaming about
  • Start to understand some of the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face and how others have overcome them
  • Play tourist in one of the most unique cities of the world

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