As a service provider it is pretty exciting to have a student come up to you part way through an experience and thank you saying "Thank you Starfield, you have already made a difference in my life". When you have more than 3 persons on just one trip say that to you, it can be pretty inspiring. For us at Starfield, making a difference in peoples lives is why we get up in the morning and go to work. Some of the videos below are from student thanking us and some of them are from students thanking a specific speaker who really made a difference in their view of the world. See for yourself.....


Some fun....some learning....all exciting in NYC

International Relations - Internationally in Ottawa Canada

International entrepreneurs in an entrepreneurship capital! 

World Class Learning in a World Class City - Toronto

Our High Achieving Graduates go on to Achieve Some Remarkable Things

"I was inspired to take Starfield's finance diploma through the financial capitals of Europe, because I wanted to get an insight of how the biggest financial institutions operated and handled their investements, and about the executives themselves.  I was a liberal arts major starting my own business, so I was curious about what it takes to be financially successful. I learned that I didn't had to major in business to shine in investment banking or with my startup, and I returned back confident  to strive my own path. 


I kept learning about business through first hand experience, my experience with Starfield prepared me with a problem solving mentality. Currently I am the CEO and founder of Trip Loop (an international startup solving the problems of group travel), have successfully funded the growth of it (now a team of 10!) and are part of the Plug and Play and Capital Factory accelerators. So yeah, the Starfield diploma was a fantastic investment."

Diego De Stefano - CEO - Trip Loop