FIRST! ... our testimonial

We are honoured to have had so many companies provide our students with their time and talent. They truly represent what is right about the world today. We have established a "wall of fame" in our offices where we put the "bling" many of the companies provide us with.  We are reminded on a daily basis that there is truly more good in the world than bad and an essential human condition is to assist each other. We could not provide the quality or the depth of our experiences without them. Part of our covenent with the students who attend together with the speakers who provide is we make a donation in their names to a charity in the home country(s) of the students who are attending the event. Below you will find the wall of fame together with some pictures of students in front of some of the signage of some of the organizations we have visited.


We have divided our testimonials into Academic Participants and Student Participants. We strive to enrich the lives of BOTH students and their academic advisors. For the students - you will find their testimonials and references here. For the Academic Advisors - you will find their testimonials and references here.


StarfieldConnects gets creative!

We can't really say that we did this video ourselves (we paid for it to be done!) but it represents some real life comments from one student trip conducted in the summer of '17.

Our students get creative

This video was created on one student trip to New York City in the spring of '18. We don't know what you think but, we think that it is quite an amazing little piece of work.