Sharon King

Sharon King is the CEO of StarfieldConnects, an education company dedicated to helping individuals transform their potential into real possibilities, by connecting them to companies and leaders that matter.

Prior to taking over as CEO of StarfieldConnects, Sharon spent 25 years leading a boutique consulting firm focused on helping multinational firms, governments and startups implement approaches that encourage more innovation, agility and efficiency. Her clients were located in North America, Europe and the Middle East.Published internationally, and a frequent keynote speaker,

Sharon is considered an expert on business models that work! Today her focus is on enabling students to expand their perspectives about what is possible and to use her industry and government network to help students make connections that will help them launch meaningful careers and become difference-makers.

Rodger King has over 30 years of business experience in a variety of management functions. Skilled in the operationalization of businesses, Rodger has primarily worked with IT startups that have disruptive technologies, processes or structure. He has assisted those companies to build momentum and develop wedge strategies to increase sales (market mass) or improve speed (velocity) to market.  These have ranged from the creation of a medium sized manufacturing facility to the preparation for sale of a major marketing and creative agency, to the restructuring of the marketing function of a healthcare supply organization. Rodger is an active board member and advisor for several startups. Rodger currently sits on several incubator and accelerator boards as an advisor.

Devon Rogers is our customer experience guru. She is the vice president of "cool". Her whole job is to make customers feel valued, welcomed and accepted by offering an exceptional experience. In her words: "....I take pride in taking the ownership of your customer's needs, and always see problems through until they are fully resolved." Devon's background is in the hotel and hospitallity industry working with "the big guys" as well as the smaller organizations that drive single events.