Our Story - and we have only just begun!

StarfieldConnects is an education company dedicated to helping individuals transform their potential into real possibilities, by connecting them to companies and leaders that matter. StarfieldConnects’ clients get deep insights into disruptions that are changing the world and establish connections with leaders to help them achieve their goals.

We offer a wide range of experiences by partnering with world class universities, multi-national corporations, and disruptive startups.  Our unique immersive international experiences both expand perspectives and enhance local training and curriculum programs.   StarfieldConnects makes it possible for clients to talk face to face with leaders who expand their world and possibilities.

Our philosophy and methodology are based on more than 25 years of experience in the consulting business where we built relationships with an extensive network of high level executives around the world. Our founders, Sharon and Rodger King have an outstanding track record as consultants, helping both global corporations and start-ups to evolve their knowledge and beliefs creating and then achieving new goals.

Our commitment is to do our utmost to give our customers experiences that expand their perspectives and position them to become difference-makers.