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We are scene setters. Our purpose is to inspire people to make a positive impact on their world. We accomplish this by connecting them to people whose stories are inspirational and reflect our values. By removing individuals from their day-to-day activities and exposing them to alternatives they re-enter their environment knowing that they can achieve their dreams and make a difference.

We Believe

The world is full of opportunities.

The capitalist system is evolving towards a more inclusive system that creates growth and opportunities for all.

Relationships are critical to personal success, and the impact of your relationships is proportional to what you give.

Personal growth accelerates professional growth.



By 2025 to have 10,000 alumni who are proud of the contribution they are making to the world.

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We offer both public programs, and programs tailored to specific classes or groups. The following are the programs being offered this year.

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StarfieldConnects is a partnership between Starfield Consulting and PaperPlane.

Years in Business

PaperPlane History

  • PaperPlane has worked for the last five years to inspire and motivate people about the difference they can make in the world. By introducing people to leaders and companies around the world he has vested thousands of people with a sense of confidence and the global contacts they need to achieve their dreams and make a difference.

Years in Business

Starfield History

  • Starfield is a Canadian firm that has spent the last 25 years helping businesses convert their management styles to approaches that combine superior results with higher employee engagement
  • Starfield has worked with both private and public sector organizations around the world. Its clients include:
    • firms as large as Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Fischer Price / Mattel or Zurich Insurance
    • Small startups who are determined to grow quickly
  • Starfield has extensive experience in the public, healthcare, financial and tech startup sectors

StarfieldConnects Announces Another Partnership

StarfieldConnects has partnered with the RedefiningCapitalism Foundation to deliver educational experiences that enlighten students in new, innovative models of doing business that are aligned with our beliefs that you can do well while doing good.
Our joint international experiences include a cultural immersion as well as an entrepreneurial one in which participants will be able to visit and engage with pioneers of the social innovation ecosystems, discuss with local youth leaders ideas and potential solutions for emerging challenges and explore ways to bring back the acquired knowledge to their home base.
Our curriculum is designed by experts in entrepreneurship and social innovation and has input of people from the different destinations that we visit.

What we think about…

If you want to understand more about how we think please visit our blog here

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